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Our Director of Communications--Ashley Davis (Swanson), CMA, CSCA, FPAC--brings professionalism and creative personal expression to her role.  She raises the bar for the entire IMA organization through her accumulated knowledge and dedication to our members.  Her ability to craft our newsletters with elegance and grace conjoins a unique ability to explain a narrative far beyond the numbers.  Ashley does an exceptional job and has continually raised a higher standard for us all to aspire to. 

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IMA CareerDriver


The CareerDriver assessment tool is a great benefit available to IMA members.  Whether you are aspiring to develop the skill-set for a future role or want to become an expert in your current one, this tool can shed light on steps to further your knowledge & experience.  This covers around 40 different roles within the realm of Accounting & Finance.  It's a great career planning tool.  There is an infographic on our homepage that helps you start this journey.

Being in an analytical role, why not analyze yourself, both through personality and professional assessments?  Further to that, as someone who works in the realm of budgeting and forecasting, it is our insights to look forward that adds value.  Please consider the IMA CareerDriver tool as well as any paid or free assessment tools.  It's an introspective journey that will identify both strengths and areas of opportunity.  Below is a link to over a dozen different free personality tests; the paid versions (i.e. StrengthsFinder) are well worth it.

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