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Chapter Elections & Board Opportunities


Our chapter elections will be held in late March or early April via online voting again.  There are opportunities to get further involved for those who are interested.  The Minneapolis Chapter has been very fortunate to have both highly engaged members and an exceptional board.  Lots of additional effort goes on behind the scenes.  Especially as group of volunteers, this is something that is never to be taken for granted. 

The IMA has opportunities to further engage whether at a local level or broader scale.  As someone who is approaching serving for nearly a decade (many have done so far longer), I'd highly recommend considering a role.  There are varying degrees of time commitments to suit your availability.  Interestingly, you'll learn far more about the inter-workings of a 501(c)(3) professional organization as well as its challenges and successes.  You get the opportunity to contribute to the development of your colleagues while learning a lot along the way. 

While jobs and companies may change, the Accounting & Finance profession is here throughout your journey.  Consider getting involved with something near and dear to you.  For some, this can be a professional organization like the Institute of Management Accountants.  For others, it can be getting further involved with other purposes including the activities of your children.  It could be getting involved with your church group or any other cause of interest.  By all means, please put family, friends and personal interests as your top priorities in life. 

We all are afforded a small window in the grand scheme of time to share our knowledge and potentially influence the development of those around us.  In doing so, we learn more about ourselves.  A simple gesture from our chapter's previous President congratulating me on earning the CMA designation guided my life on a unique path that my introverted self might not have otherwise seen.  Be that role model in someone else's life. 

This will be an exciting year for our chapter.

Feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in learning more about an opportunity to serve on the IMA Minneapolis Chapter board: