Past Events

  • The "Silent Killer" of Performance & Growth 2.0 CPE

    Sep 18, 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM (CT)
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    COST: $35 members, $40 non-members, FREE IMA students
    MENU:  taco bar, chicken-vegetarian-carnitas, fresh guacamole, tomatillo salad, cotija grilled corn, churros, beverage ticket

    Speaker:  Dale Henry, Founder/Owner of Critical Insight Group
    Dale’s known for exposing and eliminating the ‘silent killer’ of performance & growth…that haunts virtually every business.
    In this interesting and engaging presentation, structured as a ‘murder mystery’, the audience is taken to the active crime scenes (inside their business) and engaged in identifying this ‘silent killer’ while building the case that proves how the ‘crimes against performance, growth and overall business prosperity’ are committed. Through insightful investigation, key clues are discovered and forensically analyzed as the full story becomes clear.
    In the final act, the true cost of these crimes are revealed along with the exact solution to rid your business of this, until now undetected and unchallenged, silent killer of performance and growth.
    Don’t hope to pick up a ‘tip or trick’ about leadership. That’s not what this presentation is designed to do. It’s intended to be the most valuable and impactful presentation on leadership you ever experienced, and to change how you think about leadership.
    Dale’s goal is for you to leave with a new, more valuable, understanding of leadership and how it impacts the performance of your organization; and knowing exactly what you need to do to significantly improve the overall performance of your business, while also making your job easier, more enjoyable and more rewarding.
    Dale Henry Biography:
    He’s known for accelerating the growth and prosperity of businesses, the easy way – by developing the Great Leaders of Great TeamsTM they need throughout their organizations.
    In the last several years, Dale has been invited in to help improve the performance – and hopefully the lives – of over 1.2 million employees in roughly 50 of the very best fortune 500 businesses across North America. He understands the people side of business; and how business performance, growth and overall prosperity all ‘rises and falls on leadership’.
    He is also a Master Human Capital Strategist with the Human Capital Institute, and a founding partner with John in the John Maxwell Team (an international team of master coaches and trainers in leadership development and personal success). He is best known for developing strong, effective and truly influential leaders, who know exactly how to build incredibly high performing teams…and an ever-present sense of humor.
    St Louis Park, MN, United States

  • Tax Reform: Choice of Entity and Section 199A – Where are we today? - 2.0 CPE

    Oct 24, 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM (CT)

    Tax Reform - Latest Insights

    Tax reform of this magnitude will have broad implications – both on businesses and the people behind them. From lowering the corporate and individual income rates and eliminating numerous deductions, to new rules for pass-throughs, the elimination of the AMT for corporations, and the shift to a territorial tax system, the $1.5 trillion sweeping legislation represents the biggest change to the tax code in a generation.

    But what does the new law really mean for your business, and for you? The impact will be different for every business and every individual.

    For more information on this topic: Tax Reform and Section 199A

    Presenters from BDO:

    Jeff Bilsky, Partner, National Tax Office . 
    Dave Young, Tax Senior Manager

    Others from BDO attending and available for questions:
    Eric Nelson, Office Managing Partner, Tax Services
    Joe Schlueter, Managing Director, National Tax Office

    Brooklyn Park, MN, United States

  • Collaboration with Michael Gregory 2.0 CPE

    Nov 13, 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM (CT)
    More information coming soon!
    Bloomington, MN, United States

  • Ethics with Mark Faris 2.0 CPE

    Jan 23, 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM (CT)

    More info to come soon!

    About Mark Faris:

    My entire career spanning 38 years has been in sales, marketing, and business development; twenty years in the information technology marketplace lastly as a Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. I have started and owned four new businesses including a $25 million computer networking distributor, started up new sales divisions for two publicly held telecommunication companies, & been a Board Member for a $225 million company.  

    I also have the distinction of being convicted for two felonies for mail/wire fraud and money laundering.  I spent ten and a half months away from my family in a federal prison and halfway house.  As an executive of a privately held family company we defrauded a multi-billion dollar company out of computer parts we were not entitled to receive. It was unacceptable, illegal, irresponsible, and arrogant on our part. I failed as an executive leader to stop the fraud.

    As a result of this life changing event, I continue my mission to educate, teach, and enrich others to avoid taking my path; embracing the idea that personal and business ethics are very much attached at the hip to each other.  My purpose is to selflessly and tirelessly communicate the values of accountability, honesty, integrity, and Christian principles to others, less privileged than me, in ways that improve their lives and the lives of others.

    Currently, I professionally speak, write, and conduct training on personal and business ethics to various audiences in for profit and non-profit organizations.  All three areas encompass executive management/leadership, finance, sales, marketing, human resources, & operations always focusing on ethical leadership skills, preventing fraud from taking place, and instituting the right internal controls that mitigate risk.     

    People continue to take shortcuts that inevitably lead them down dangerous paths. In my talks and training I emphasize why it is critical to have an ethics mission, codes of conduct, and individual purpose statements. We discuss why ethical behavior has higher standards than legal ones. I identify why morals, principles, and values need to be central to our core and driving the needle on our compasses.

    1) Honest organizations build trust with their customers, suppliers, employees, stakeholders, shareholders, and community where they reside.

    2) In the long run, ethical firms are more profitable than unethical ones.

    We must strive to do the right thing without putting ourselves first!!

    Roseville, MN, United States

  • Mr Excel 4.0 CPE

    Feb 23, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM (CT)
    More information coming soon!  The date is subject to change.
    White Bear Lake, MN, United States

  • Emotional Intelligence 2.0 CPE

    Mar 20, 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM (CT)
    More information coming soon!
    TBD, MN, United States

  • IMA Northern Lights Council Regional Conference - up to 16.0 CPE

    Apr 25 - 26, (CT)
    Speaker information will be posted in the spring.

  • 100 Year Anniversary of the Minneapolis Chapter in 2021!

    Jun 27, 3:16 PM - 3:16 PM (CT)
    Want to volunteer on the 100 year anniversary committee?  Contact Lianne Loeks.