March Madness Champions

UConn put forth one of the most dominant March Madness performances significantly outscoring their competitors.  It was a second year in a row running the gauntlet.  They survived the Purdue force that is a Yao Ming equivalent in terms of stature amongst collegiate defenders.

Maureen successfully navigated this challenge correctly slating these two teams in the championship game.  Out of the numerous upsets across the 64 teams, she had the last ones standing onward to victory.  


           Just when you thought that the NCAA’s signature event is relatively orderly and predicable, along comes the tournament in which every bracket worldwide got demolished in the first round.  What appeared at first glance as a safe pick based on seeding ended up being anything but.  This was a year of haymakers featuring many smaller schools seemingly doing the impossible. 

Despite all the chatter, William Frater successfully navigated through this year’s turmoil and correctly crowned UConn as the national champs.  He ran the gambit with both the most points along with the most correct picks.  Both the Huskies and William’s victories will be celebrated for years to come.   

                                         2022 March Madness Champion

Congratulations to Tavia Lundquist for winning the second annual IMA Minneapolis Chapter NCAA Bracket Pool!  She cruised to the top of the ranks correctly crowning Kansas as this year’s champion.  Two-thirds of the pool had either Arizona or Gonzaga penciled in to win the championship.  Both the Jayhawks and Tavia’s victories will be celebrated for years to come

    March Madness Champion 2021