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Remote Testing for the CMA & CSCA Exam Available

New convenience and flexibility for CMA and CSCA exam takers:

Candidates can now register to take these exams either in-person at a Prometric Test Center or remotely, from the comfort of home. The exam fee is the same for both in-person and remote testing, but there are some important technology and space considerations that must be met. If you’ve already signed up to take the in-person exam, you can switch to the new remote option (a rescheduling fee may apply). For more information and to review the requirements, check out these Remote Testing FAQs.

Answers to the following questions and more are available within the aforementioned FAQ -

What are the testing location requirements for remote proctored testing?

To comply with the security procedures, there are various requirements for your testing environment:

  1. Your selected testing location must be indoors (walled), well-lit, with a closed door and free from background noise and disruptions.
  2. The entrance to the room must be in full view of the camera.
  3. Your workstation and surrounding area (including the walls) must be free of materials (i.e., pictures, office supplies, electronic devices, etc.).
What is the availability of remote proctoring?

Remote proctoring is available 24/7; however, keep in mind that the day and time you select may not be available. If you are told your day/time is not available, simply select a different time frame.

How do I know if my computer system meets Prometric’s remote proctoring requirements?

You can confirm your system’s compatibility by going to and completing the system check step.

How do I sign up to test via remote proctoring?

Once you register for an exam part and receive your Authorization Letter, you may schedule your exam appointment. To schedule online, go to, scroll down, and select the “Schedule Your Remotely Proctored Exam” option.