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IMA Fiscal Year 2021 in Review

IMA Year 2021: A Purpose-Driven Organization Built on Trust

“This past year, IMA took on the dual role of short-term risk manager and long-term strategic planner, investing in resources for members to help them through the pandemic (e.g., free online courses comprising a rich array of educational opportunities delivered virtually) while continuing to invest in the long-term success of our members.”
– Jeff Thomson, CMA, CSCA, CAE, IMA president and CEO

“A Purpose-Driven Organization Built on Trust” is the theme of IMA’s Fiscal Year 2021 in Review. The lead stories of the year included:

  • An all-time high of total active CMAs (46,859)
  • Significant number of new CMAs awarded (12,926 which represents 13% of all CMA certificates issued over the 49-year history of the program)
  • 155 continuing education credits (CPE) offered for free to members in fiscal year 2021