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Free Ethics Credits for IMA Members

As of July, the IMA is now offering their ethics courses as a complementary benefit for being a member.  Previously, there was a free annual token to take one of these courses.

These are located within the course catalog on the website.  Sign in to claim the free offer.  

Navigating Ethical Dilemmas (2 CPE)

Blinded by Pressure (2 CPE)

Can We Count on You? (2 CPE)

House Out of Control (2 CPE)

Misplaced Trust / Devastating Fraud (2 CPE)

The Slippery Slope of Greed (2 CPE)

Web of Deception (2 CPE)

As an added benefit that is helpful to CPA holders, almost all of these courses are identified as also qualifying for NASBA CPE. 

Keep an eye out for additional free CPE courses for members being added to the course catalog