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25% Off Your IMA Membership with Auto-Renewal

Interested in saving 25% on your annual membership fees?  The IMA has just initiated an auto-renewal program that offers this discount. 

Sign Up for Automatic Renewal and Save

As part of our commitment to providing IMA members with superior value, we are pleased to announce the launch of our automatic renewal discount program. Just follow the steps below to enroll and save 25% every year:

  1. Log into your account on the IMA website, and go to the IMA Dashboard
  2. On the dashboard navigation, click myProfile, then My Membership
  3. Under Current Membership, click on the checkbox to opt into automatic renewal*
  4. Once a popup is displayed, you will be prompted to either save or cancel your action
  5. Add a credit card to your file to be used for the automatic renewal of your IMA membership

If you currently have a renewal invoice, you can enroll in IMA’s automatic renewal program by clicking on the opt-in checkbox upon checkout. Please note that the annual discount will begin on your next renewal period. To learn more about IMA’s automatic renewal program, please check out the FAQs.