Chapter Board

Chapter Board of Officers 2022-2023

Position Name
  President  Trent Kramer, CMA, CPA
  Vice President  Heath Hertel, CMA, CPA
  Past President  Lianne Loeks Munson, CMA, CSCA
  Treasurer  Shari Nepper, CMA
  Secretary   Rudy Hershberger
  VP-Engagement  Bhavesh Parekh, CMA, PMP, ACMA
  Communications  Ashley Davis (Swanson), CMA, CSCA, FPA
  Education  Andrew Galas
 CMA & Student Engagement  David Franz, CMA
 Events James Powers, CMA

If you are interested in learning more about an open board role, send us an email to

Meet Our Board Members

Board Members
Pictured from left to right:
Bhavesh, Andrew, Dave, Trent, Lianne, Randy (former board member), Kelly Paxton (our Pink Collar Crime presenter; in pink of course), Sally (former board member), Mike S. (former board member), Michael R. (former board member) & Rudy

Unable to attend this event where the photo was taken:
Heath & James

Elected to the board a couple months later:
Ashley & Shari

Thank you for serving our profession and members!